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Services we Offer

What is Physiotherapy?

Chartered Physiotherapists have a detailed knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body and a wide range of treatment modalities to assist in the repair and recovery of damaged tissues. With this knowledge they are able to make an accurate diagnosis of possible tissue damage and provide individually tailored treatment programmes for rapid recovery.

Regardless of your age or fitness some time in your life you are likely to sustain an injury to a bone, muscle, ligament, tendon or joint, which may interfere with the enjoyment of life or even your livelihood. By choosing to seek help from a chartered physiotherapist you will be using their expertise to provide your body with the best environment for repair and enable it to function to its full potential.

What do we Treat?

Sports and soft tissue Injuries
   + Muscle tears and strains
   + Ligament sprains
   + Tendonitis

Back and Neck Disorders
   + Whiplash associated disorders (WAD)
   + Disc problems
   + Tension Headaches
   + Sciatica

Joint problems
   + Frozen Shoulder
   + Anterior Knee Pain

Overuse /repetitive strain injuries
   + Work related upper limb disorders (WRULDS)
   + Occupational postural problems

Fractures and post surgical Conditions
   + joint replacements
   + ligament repairs
   + spinal surgery

How do we Treat?

This determines the nature of the injury and enables us to produce a treatment plan.

Manual Therapy
   → Manipulation
   → Joint mobilisation
   → Soft tissue massage
   → Fascia release
   → Acupressure

   → Ultrasound
   → Interferential therapy
   → Muscle stimulator
   → Biofeedback
   → Electro-

   → Individual tailored exercise programmes
   → Muscle imbalance correction
   → Biomechanical correction

Preventative Advice
   → Postural correction
   → Ergonomic advice
   → Stretching exercises
   → Fitness advice

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What We Offer
• Work Placement Assessments
• Medico Legal Assessments
• Over 20 years experience
• Day and evening appointments
• Sports rehabilitation advice
• Spinal manipulations

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